getting a new kendama but can't decide

I am getting an upgrade from a yomega pro model. I want somthing that has a bit more grip and is durable. I was looking at a sweets mate marble kendama or is that new sunrise street kendama any good. I was hoping to stay $30 and under. I am a beginner and i can land the ball back and forth between cups and can some times spike it.

Thanks in advance

Maybe a beginner sweets kendama, or a ken from kengardin, but I would personally get more consistant t with your yomega before moving on.

Hope that helps

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Let them decide and save money.

I am very satisfied with my sunrise street kendama,
It’s $20.00

Does it play sticky or slippery and how does it compare to an ozora

I have never played an ozora. I have a sweets attack, tribute , the sunrise, a yomega pro , and a Duncan Komodo. And of course it’s preference and opinion, but the sunrise is my favorite.The ken is balanced and has a good weight to it. It’s not really heavy but my sweets ken is noticeably lighter. The tama is slippery but I have done lighthouses on it. It gets mildly tacky over use I’ve also noticed. I hope I helped.

I have no idea about the tackiness, but try out Sweets’ new Focus line. Pretty good colors too.

I just got my kendama usa pro model, and I love it. I can hit tricks a ton easier than my sweets stain and now I can actually do lighthouses so that’s pretty sweet :slight_smile: I’m very happy with it, and I’m pretty sure it’ll take anyone far in kendama

So, Andrew, what did you decide to get??

Yes I did a sweets focus kendama

Haha since my last post I bought 5 more