I seen people do kandamas and they look pretty cool. I was wondering if I should get one. Any thoughts??:boy:

I getting one for xmas(oh wait, I don’t think I was supposed to know that)

Don’t get a real expensive one.

I have the competition ozoro Kendama, and my friend got a Kendama Co kendama. I highly prefer the kendama co kendama, and I think you should get one.

I’m really hoping I got one. They’ve sure peaked my interset since I found out about them. I would go for it :smiley:

Cool, thanks. Is there certain differences in different kandamas? Like are some way better than others?

I really like the pro models from Kendama USA, they are all the same the only difference is the color of the ball. That is the highest quality one Kendama USA makes, and incomparison to yoyos is pretty cheap (only $30)

Cool, thanks!!!

I got the cheapest one on kendama USA, it rocks.

I got mine for Christmas. I’m loving the thing. So much fun! :smiley:

It is so addicting.

Cool, I guess now all that’s left for me is to go and buy one.

Good ones can be had for anywhere from $15. You shouldn’t need to spend more than $25 to get a great one. After that, you’re shopping weights, woods and decorations. Just like with yoyos, the heavier, the slower. Heavier is good for learning, lighter is good for competition and “where you’re apparently supposed to be”.

I might get myself a lighter one. I’m happy with the KendamaUSA Tribute 3-line at $25 for now. The Yomega StarCatch is all plastic, so avoid it. The Yomega Pro has a wrong length string but you can adjust that but even so, there’s better stuff out there, even less expensive stuff.

Have fun!

Kendama: ball in a cup for pros.

I just found a Yomega Star Catch for $5 at a brick and mortar store. I wouldn’t have bought it otherwise. I figure it’ll give me an idea of whether ill like it enough to get a good one.

Awesome thanks for the recommendation

So how many tricks are there for kendamas?

like 4.

More like 20-40

No limit, be creative.

I’ve come up with some cool ones!