My first Kendama


I picked this little puppy from toys r us! I was there for another reason, but I saw it and thought “eh, why not”
It’s by yomega, and I know diddly squat about kendamas. So basically did I just waist $13? And is there any sort of mod I can do to it to make it a “good” Kendama? Or is it fine?


its usable but that good wood feel is amazing


I have one. The ball is SO FRIGGIN HEAVY!


Yes it is :smiley: another thin I’m curious about is the string. It’s really short and in most videos I see its rather long. So should I replace the string? And I so with what? Or is the short string good for getting those simple catches down?


The string is actually about 3 inches to long :stuck_out_tongue:


Should just get an Oozora !!


It’s fine to practice the motions. You can get the hang of spiking and catching on the cups, but you will need to upgrade if you get into intermediate and advanced tricks. Kendamas really aren’t that expensive though. Get a sweets :wink:


It honestly wasn’t a bad choice.

It will give you a chance to see if you like kendama or not.

I still recommend the Bahama Kendama Baby Kendama for 5 more dollars.


Thanks for all the input guys. I’ve been fiddling with it aimlessly, not sure if I’m making progress. I’ll look up designated tricks tomorrow… Kendama has designated tricks right?


First 10 tricks you should learn,
There are many ‘designated’ tricks for Kendama but getting a good foundation is key