Kendama Tutorial

I’ve been wanting to get into this for a while, and I’ve been looking for some tutorials. Do you know where to find any good ones? So far, it seems like a book would be pretty good.

Videos work a lot better. There’s a lot of nuances that the book won’t be able to really properly translate over.

I have a nephew who is showing me. He placed 5th in the intermediate division at a large regional contest. I’ve actually been trying to get to a shop for the past 4 days to get myself a decent one. The Yomega ones aren’t really all that good. The StarCatch is prone to breaking and is too limited in what you can do with it. The Pro is a massive improvement but isn’t up to “official standards”, but at the same time, isn’t bad. I’ll be choosing one in a day or two, plus one for my kid for one of his Christmas presents(already got him a spintop. No yoyos, he seems fine with what he has).

I would reccomend a dama from Kendama USA, they seem to make the nicest ones

Got one of the cheapest ones, works great.

I ended up with a Kendama USA Tribute 3-line. I might get something else later that’s lighter. I don’t see me getting hardcore into this activity. It is fun though.

Ah yes. Kendama USA. The Classic Japanese skill toy, made in China.

Just think about that for a moment.

If anyone wants a different challenge, check out the Pill. It’s a simplification of the kendama in some ways, yet more complicated on others. Not sure if I’m gonna get one of these, but I love the name and how it looks.

Sweets kendamas have some really good tuts on youtube

I thought the same thing.