Need Help: New Kendama Player, Need Recommendations


Hey Guys, I want to know what the best Kendama would be for me as a beginner, This is my scenario: Don’t Have Alot Of Cash, Used some before at a yoyo club, Prefer something light-ish.



Well something cheap would be a KenUSA classic, which you can buy here at:

Think of it like a YYJ classic, however I must say one thing the paint by the look of it is bound to be slick and not sticky (or tacky either term works) so it might be difficult to land balance tricks at first, but I assume the ball will break in and become more sticky after awhile. Although as a beginner you really don’t have to worry too much about balance trick because you’ll probably be working on tricks that just ask you to move the ball from one cup to the other, so by the time you’ll learn the advance tricks your tama (ball) should be broken in.

But still if you want a sticky kendama then I would recommend a Sweets Atack, which is sticky(tacky) from the beginning and you don’t have to worry about your tama being too slippery, but if you want this it’ll cost you $26, unlike the KenUSA which is only $18. So if you want to get something cheap and good (at the expense of it not being tacky which isn’t a big deal because it just means your skill will be better since you don’t have to rely on tackiness to do your tricks) or something that is tacky and will continue to be tacky all the way through its life, which will make some tricks easier, but at the expense of it costing more. Good luck with your choice, whichever it may be I’m sure it work just fine for you (as long as it isn’t some knock off brand you should  be good). Keep dama’ing. :smiley:

Oh and if you want to buy the Sweets Atack here’s the link too:


may i suggest the colored dama/ken cups kendama by kendamaco. it’s the heaviest kendama i’ve used, however - vs. oozora, sweets, kendamausa, etc. the ken has the biggest diameter of any ‘normal’ sized kendama i’ve used. all these things make it a joy to juggle w/, however :slight_smile:

but mainly, i would get somethin’ w/ a ‘tacky’ dama. as this will cut your learnin’ curve in half.




Thanks For All The Help Guys I’m Gonna Go With The Kendama USA Classic.

Once Again, Thanks, Chris