best begginer kendamas?

So i have became interested in kendama recently, with 2 contests that had Bahama kendama as a sponsor and learn kendama .com (to bad I missed the kickstarter). so I want to know what i might need to get started in kendama (keep in mind I dont have loads of cash to spend so a relatively cheap kendama plz). I think I would like the aTack so I can learn more advanced tricks but I also want something to help me learn the basics, any better kendamas that may be cheaper?

Kendama USA Classic is a good starter. I just started yesterday, and it’s not too hard to get into the swing of things. As for benefits, I guess hand-eye coordination, which would also help your yo-yoing. Also, it helps my squats. Probably because I over exaggerate the “little knee bend when catching a kendama” part. lol. ;D

I don’t play but the best buy seems to be the TK-16 or the Ozora. Both at ~$21 and JKA approved (they say it’s a no-brainer). I’ve seem some guys regretting buying another non JKA kendama before the TK-16 or Ozora to begin with.

The only Kendama I would start with is the Black Ozora

JKA certification just means you are allowed to use it in JKA events… in Japan…

There are plenty of great kendamas out there for beginners. I would look for something tacky. Check out Roots. They have great paint, and you can buy one of their oops for like $15. Amazing deal for a great kendama.

My go to kendama is an Ozora, but the Catchy Street Kendama has quickly become my new recommendation for beginners. It has a rubberized tama and larger cups that make learning almost any trick so much easier!

I got a Catchy Street and it’s really good and really fun. The string is centered on the crossed pieces like the KenUSA Tributes, which some people don’t like but which I have no problem with.

Very first time I picked one up, I landed a lighthouse. But it’s not SO easy that there’s no challenge-- took me another dozen tries to land another and it’s still not “every time I try” or anything like that.

Non-balance tricks still work fine. Unlike some cheap kendamas you can get, the fit between the spike and the hole is perfect… earth turns and jumping sticks are perfect.