Want to try out a Kendama, help?

What should I look for in a Kendama. Completely new to it, never even held one. Was looking around, and the Ozora seem to be a standard. But then found Mr. Sourmash, and just from looks they are pretty cool looking.

Any suggestions on these two? Any suggestions in general on what to look for when looking at Kendama’s? Or just playing Kendama?

Thanks in advance!

Ozora and TK16 are popular because they are made to JKA specs and certified for competition play.  If it’s your first kendama then any of the basic models will suit you fine.

I typically recommend a Kendama USA Tribute for beginners since the Ken is one fixed piece instead of two pieces.  It makes it easier to restring and simpler is always better when learning!  :slight_smile:


In the end just pick one that you think looks cool and have fun learning some tricks!


Thanks Garrett, I’ll look into the Tribute also.

Ended up ordering an Ozora and a DWISF x CLYW Mischief today. Let the learning begin. Any tips for a newbie are welcomed.

Nice choices. Natty Ozora is my every day kendama and those DealWithItSF X CLYW X Sourmash kendamas just look so good!

I would recommend watching some pro kendama edits, learn as much as you can and have fun with it!


My little brother just started kendama when he won GA States Sports Ladder and won a Yomega Kendama.

Thanks, I’ve been watching different videos, looking forward to Chuck’s edit coming out on Thursday.

Yeah, that teaser video was pretty good, he’s got some skills!