Need some help picking up a kendema

Ok, so as a yoyoer and regular contributor to this forum, i know that these posts are kind of irritating sometimes. I want to start kendama, and the ones here look pretty nice (i wouldn’t know). What should i get? i know absolutely nothing about kendema, and am looking to spend around $20 (would be willing to go bit higher, but not much) so the Kendama USA Tribute looks like my best bet, but if others are better, please advise me if you can. Thanks so much everyone, and so sorry if there is an identical post that i missed, it has been a long week LOL :slight_smile:

Like with yoyo, kendama is about preferences.

Jump in within your budget and get some basics down. Then you might choose to get something else later.

Theyre honestly all pretty similar and play the same. Unless you desire a super sticky ball or odd finish, go with the cheapest you can find!

The tribute is an excellent kendama

I’m not sure if I would be allowed to link outside stores that sell kens seeing as how yye sells them now, so I won’t. but I pm’d you.

Ozora is my favorite but sweets, tk16, and kendamaUSA are all great too.

thanks guys, i will take all of this into consideration!

I have a tribute that plays wonderfully!

I decided on a tk 16 because it is one of the standard’s. ozora was the other choice. I figured once I have had one of those I will be better informed on what I would like changed and what not.

Great choice. Its good to have a jka certified dama in your arsenal.

I love my tk16. It feels very crisp. Lots of nice, loud clicking with that one. Be patient about Lighthouses. They can be done on it, it just takes practice. The paint is slick and practically bulletproof.

Thanks so much everyone! Is there a place to learn kendama? YouTube, maybe? has the Essential 11 posted by the British Kendama Association. Great stuff. And there’s kendamapp for smartphones.

For anyone else reading this and considering kendama: my son just got a KUSA Classic today. Super nice. Plays a lot like a TK16. I may get one for myself.

There’s also the km1 for $10 w/ free shipping. It’s natural beech wood with an unpainted tama. Not one of these fancy tacky coated tamas you see, but it would probably work great to start out. I’ve never used it though, so I can’t vouch for how good it is.

If you’re willing to wait a few weeks, you could try to pick up a clyw ken when they sell them here. They’ll probably be $25 + shipping.

I just spent some money on a new summit, so I will be waiting for a bit until I make it back. I like the idea of a clyw kendama. Thanks!

fosho, no problem
I have a feeling the clyw kens will go fast though when they do come in stock, so just be ready. :wink: