So im trying to get into Kendama, but I need a kendama to start with. Any recommendations? Also, what is the best on YYE? (Best as in rankings of playability/ease of use)

I don’t personally notice a big difference in play. I’d say get an ozora, steeze, tribute, or tk16. If you want, you can get a tama with tack, it makes balance tricks and such easier.

Don’t buy a cheap no name off eBay or something. You’ll regret it when the paint comes off in big chunks. Anything listed above is reputable. My son has KUSA Classic and I dig it. I think it would be the perfect place to start.

1 Like get an atack kendama from there, they are the bestest.

I’m also a big fan of the Sweets aTack. I like the KendamaUSAs that YYE carries as well. Of the ones they carry, the “sticky” one would be the easiest to learn new tricks on but they’re all good. That one and the aTack are both refered to as sticky, or tacky but they’re not actually “sticky”. The tama (ball) just isn’t as slippery as some of the others. This makes any trick where you’re holding the tama (ball) and landing the ken (handle) on it a little easier.
Do you plan on entering any contests any time soon? If so I’d go with the Oozora. It’s not more advanced than the others, and there’s nothing magical about it, but it and the TK16 are about the only kendamas that no matter where you go in the world, they will be legal for competition.

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I Agree. If you cant order from there, I suggest trying you can find sweets kendamas there. maybe start from a prime one?