Best Kendama

I am currently thinking about getting a Kendama. Which one should I get? I have never had one before.

Most of them are pretty good. Sweets, Kendama USA, Bahama Kendama (so I hear), Ozora…

There isn’t really a best kendama… but if I had to pick one i think it would be an Ozora. This is because so many people love it and its recommended and certified. Other company’s like Kendama USA, Kendama- Co, and Sweets Kendama are great too!

I’ve been branching out from yoyo and into kendama. I’ve got stuff by Sweets, Kendama USA and other companies.

I’d say if you’re starting, it doesn’t really matter what you get. Find a price point and find something you like. You can get some decent stuff under $20, but $25 seems to open up your choices a lot.

As far as “best”, it’s like yoyo and other skill toys where there are multiple brands on the marketplace. I have personally found a JKA Ozora to appear to perform better for me than anything else.

Be be aware. I am mostly buying bare wood kendamas. I’m not really following the painted stuff and not the sticky/tacky stuff. I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with sticky or tack stuff. Painted stuff seems too slick. I just like the look of bare wood.

I will say that it does appear that JKA approved items also seem to perform a bit better.

Don’t go nuts at this point. Buy a reputable brand and ignore things about JKA Approved or JKA Recommended. If you want to get a sticky, tacky or painted one, then do it. You can always get something else later if you feel the need to.

I have a Kendama USA Tribute. It is really good. Especially great for starting out. I might get the Sweets ATack eventually though…