What kind of kendama should I get?

I am just starting to get into kendamas and I do not know what to start with. I want to get one that will last long but under $35 and not too hard to use, any suggestions?

Well really any kendama would do but I believe most people would recommend Oozora at this point, though if you can find a Sweets Aisuru, those are known to be one of the most durable kendamas, here a bit of proof:

But you don’t really need one of those to start out, as i said before Oozora or any Sweets (now sold on yoyoexpert), or Kendama USA( also sold here) well work find. But if i had to recommend one perhaps a Sweets Atack, since it is known to be tacky right out of the box, which I suppose is good for beginners, just so they can get the movement down, but as you get more advance you might want to move towards a slick type of surface like an Oozora. Still whatever kendama you choose should be fine, good luck dama’ing! :wink:

My first and only kendama is an Ozora. It works pretty well, is durable, but is kinda slick. You can do the balloon cheat though.