starter kendama

I am looking to get into kendama but I don’t know a good one to get.

Maybe a Sweets Biggie Kendama. It’s got big cups and a larger spike, so it’s an upscale kendama basicly, so it’s easier to catch the tama

I’d never suggest starting with a larger kendama. Not only is it spoiling you, but it’s also much more expensive than starting kendama ought to be, especially since it’s going to get beat up more.

I started with a tribute.

I started with a tribute as well. I like the weight as compared to ozora which is a little lighter. Just started with the kendama a couple of weeks ago so not a lot of experience with different brands.

I suppose I started with a tribute as well.

I started out with two, a white ozora sticky, and a TK16. Both of them work very well, the downside to the ozora is it is soft wood so the spike gets dented easily, but i still love it it is amazing i love ozora kendamas. The TK16 isnt sticky or tacky, but that doesn’t matter for your starter kendama as it will be awhile before you get to tricks like light houses or lunars where sticky is helpful.(I’ve had my ken’s about a month and i’m just now staring to get around japan and around the world consecutively :slight_smile: The TK16 is alot heavier than the ozora, and it was a harder wood so the spike didn’t dent as easily. The best thing is both the TK16 and ozora are JKA(Japanese Kendama Association) approved. some people say it doesn’t make a difference but it does. Me and my friend both got ken’s at the same time, and he got a natural sweets. After comparing the ken’s he wished he had gotten a TK16 instead of his sweets.
Really just get whatever looks cool to you, and keep at it even if its hard you’ll get it over time and you’ll be happy you stuck with it i now i am so far :slight_smile:

I started with a sunrise street kendama.
It’s holding me over since I need to practice everything.
I think when you start, as long as you have a sufficient kendama you’ll be improving
No matter if its tacky or heavy or light. When your awesome you’ll have a preference.
That’s my 2 cents.

I started with and still am using a sweets stain, pretty good! I glued the tip today after i sharpened the tip and I’m still loving it. The only downside is while I can tell I would be able to do a lighthouse, the tama has no grip so it just slips off. Luckily I ordered a pro model on tuesday and it should be here tomorrow ;D