Kendama Help

I was wondering what Kendama you would recommend it will be my first one just have no idea which on I should get

I have a Ozora Kendama and it’s great.

The TK16 is also a pretty darn okay one. It’s a bit heavier, but I’m liking it.

Ozora and Tk 16 are tried and true. My first was a TK 16.
The Tributes are nice and tough. The cups wont fall off on ya.

I’ve played/own ozora, tk16, shin Fuji, tribute, shenzhu, sweets, yumu, and sunrise. Pretty much most of the brands available and I would have to say ozora is my favorite. It seems to have the best playability although its not the most durable. Plus its JKA certified. Hope this helps

I splurged and bought a Tribute. I bought a Yomega plastic on sale for $5 once and it sucked. I thought, “there’s no way this can be kendama”. I’ve been kinda sorta wanting to try a nice kendama for a few years.

It came today. Worlds different than the plastic Yomega one. So much better in every regard. This should be fun.

I bet it’s way better! Haha have fun

I’m digging it. I’ve got a cold so I don’t really have the energy to get good time in with it, but I’ve had a few minutes of fun just doing Around Japan and Big Cup to Spike. It’s great they send some extra cool stuff, too. String and bead and loads of stickers and an instruction book with some easy to read tutorials. An excellent value for the money.

I’d recommend a small layer of super glue over the very tip of your spike. I do it to all of my kens, it helps keep it sharp for waaaaaay longer.

Super glued it yesterday. Thanks for the… tip. I wouldn’t have occurred to me that the tip would lose its point over time.

How long can you expect a string to last? Or the kendama itself, for that matter?

Kendama strings are actually pretty durable I’ve only been able to break one in my 3 months of playing. As for the kendama itself it should last a long timeas long as u dont do any spacewalks to concrete smash (chipped my tribute this way). Also remember the more beat up your ken gets the easier it should be to do balance tricks (lighthouse, lunars).