First Day with a Kendama

Hey guys. Of course, I’ve been aware that Kendamas have been popular in the community for a while now, but I was never really all too interested. I’ve seen a few in toy stores and such, but never picked one up due to lack of interest and the assumption of a lack of quality do to where they were being sold.

Yesterday I was walking through a local shop and they had a Kendama out for people to try. I picked it up and was able to hop the tama between the cups and things along those lines. That was the first time I’d ever used a Kendama, and I was hooked.

I bought a Tribute Kendama from Kendama USA. From what I’ve heard online, this is a decent Kendama. Right away I was able to hop the tama back and forth between all the cups, and I got my first spike in a few minutes.

Now, I can land a spike more times than not, go between the cups and the spike, airplane, swing spike, candle, and I can get a bird and an earth turn here and there.

Point of the story, Kendama is way more fun then I expected. I’m considering buying a new Kendama, possibly one from Sweets.

Any recommendations? Thanks.

Take a look at the TK16. Very durable paint job and nice weight. The tribute’s paint seems to chip quite easily and the durability does not seem up to par with the TK16. Just a few thoughts. ;D