Sweets 'Whiteout' Atack Kendama

My 1st Kendama. Thought it looked neat and the ‘tack’ on the tama sounded nice for a beginner. Similar to the Tribute Pro and some others. The white paint job on the ken was just so-so and the ball/tama doesn’t sit completely flush in the cups, but other than that it’s fine. The tack isn’t all that pronounced but it is slightly noticeable compared to a Toysmith I bought on a whim/sale. Looking forward to trying some other Kendama’s now! It’s been fun so far and a change of pace from throwing.



Nice dude. I got an aTack myself and have been really liking it so far

Dayum! Really like that one, looks so clean! Probably my favorite of all of their Kendama!
If only somewhere in the UK stocked them :’( I’m getting a marbled Sweets Kendama for Christmas though :smiley: hehe, so excited!