Cant decide which kendama?

Hey guys! I was just planning to buy a kendama but unsure which to pick. After reading and listening to many opinions, my decision comes down to a Sweets Atack or a Sweets Stained. From what I heard, Atack is really REALLy good. I have not heard anything about the stained though. But I just love the colors of them. Help me out? Basically, I know the Atack is good. But Im not sure if the Stained is good, or bad, or okay.

Is stained to one I have in my BST? If so, its very good, but I lack expertise on reviewing Kendama’s for a am a noob, but you really can’t go wrong with either one, Id say flip a coin.

I’d give a slight edge to the aTack, but that’s just an opinion. They both play really well. Go with the one you like the looks of better. As long as you stick with quality (like those two), I believe you’re more likely to stick with it and practice if you get the one you like.

Alright so now Im stuck on 3 Kendamas now. I was thinking about the Kenusa 2013 pro models. I heard it has a lot of friction that, it actually becomes a bad thing. Like you cant move around much when you land a lighthouse. The Atack seems like a suitable choice but I’m unsure if it chips or whatnot. And the Sweets stained is just good looking. But I’m also wondering how tacky it is and if it chips easily. Help?

I can’t say about the stained one. I’ve messed with one. so I know a little about it, but just a little. I can tell you my first kendama was an aTack, and it’s had a hard life so far, but there is not one chip in it. It’s pretty tough.

The Sweets Stained kendama is a tad bit tacky, just enough friction (but certainly not over kill friction like the KenUSA 2013 pro model) to land your balance tricks. I have also had it for awhile and still no chips, and I would hope so because when you receive the kendama, if you read the box I believe it says “chip resistant” on it so yeah. :wink:

P.S. However the paint does seem to fade away after a few days of play (I’m guessing from all the sweat and grime and what not) but not too much just here and there but it still looks good (I don’t know if it is just my kendama though).

Completely new to Kendama (and completely hooked to it), I ended up picking up a Kendama USA “Pro Model.” So far I’m liking it! Granted what I can do is very basic and nothing fancy yet. My friends were also hooked on it and while at the amusement park, we were all taking turns trying it out and seeing how many times we can catch it on different spots. Makes waiting in long lines move fast :slight_smile:

Is my Kendama a stained?

Yes, the one you have in your BST is a black stained.

Ok thanks :slight_smile: