Which Grippy Kendama?

Hey guys. So my Yomega Pro Kendama is basically beaten to death. I probably need a new kendama soon, and I’m going to get one of the kendamas listed in the poll. I really don’t know which one to get, though. I’m leaning to the Sweets Atack, but what do you guys think?

Actually, I would say that Sourmash is the best way to go for something sticky. He hand paints each tama he sells and they are amazingly sticky! They are a bit more pricey though… you can google sourmash kendama and check out his stuff. Plus there is the Sweet & Sour which is the one where he teamed up with sweets! There are only a few of those left though so you would have to act fast if you want one.

Depends how grip-tastic you want it to be?

Sourmashes are pretty good, but of course cost more…like $45 if you want the Sweet & Sour one. Sweets Atack is tacky and gets tackier the more you play it so if you want something cheaper go with that. However if you want a extremely tacky kendama then KenUSA’s 2013 Promodel is what you want. Out of all the kendamas I have tried it has the most grip, since the paint is like latex or something. Sweets Matte Marble is not tacky, but not slippery either. And the Sticky Tribute is sticky, but there is limited colors.

So out of all of these I would recommend the Atack simply because it is tacky, not that pricey, and comes in a variety colors. Good luck on your choice. :wink:

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Klack Kendamas, not overly sticky and not super slippy.

If you have never heard of Terra kendama check it out. Its a smaller business based in Edmonton but they make really nice kendamas and pills. A Terra oozora is best for balance tricks and takes some getting used to but is currently my fav.