Sweets Matte Marble or Kendama USA 2013 Pro Model??

Which should I get? Which is better, playwise?

Why not go for an Ozora? God Bless - Moefv

Cuz I dont want an Ozora. I already have a Tribute and I’m looking for a stickier kendama.

I bought a sweets marble for my fiance. She has had it for 4 days now and is already hitting around japans like it is no big deal. She has zero experience with skill toys, so it is pretty impressive. I have never tried the pro model so I can’t say anything about that. But I love the sweets! It is way stickier than my TK16 and it looks really amazing.

Try a Sweets aTack. I have heard they are very sticky and makes it easier to land tricks on. God Bless - Moefv

Sweets Matte Marbles are by far my favorite kendamas. They are gorgeous and extremely sticky.

I’ve tried sweets (non-sticky) and a tk16, and i have a ozora and a promodel. The promodel have a latex-like paint. Like it’s gummy. Problem is you cant really “adjust” when for instance landing something like lighthouse. The ken will just tip over, not slide on the tama since the friction is so high. It’s to the point it’s counterproductive.
The best compromise is to get a painted ozora. Balance-vise and all that, nothing beats the ozora imo.

Btw, if you start off with a more slick type (like a regular ozora) anything “sticky” will feel as cheating. like really

Kind of like moving from fixed-axle to bearing, or from responsive to unresponsive for string tricks? :wink:

Depends on the trick. Around europe wont be different, lunar will be ALOT harder.

The 2012 KendamaUSA Pro Model is superior to the 2013, in my opinion. And practically /anything/ will be less slippery than a TK16.

Sweets all the way