Which should I get..?


The Kendama USA 2013 Zack Yourd pro model, or the Sweets Kendama Marble Matte? I am currently using the Sweets aTack, but I’ve used a Kendama USA Tribute, but I prefer the aTack, so I’m leaning more toward the Marble Matte. I have yet to land a lighthouse or a lunar, so I want it to be sticky enough for a beginner to do that with. Although I wouldn’t say I’m a total beginner, I can spike it, get it in all the cups and I’m messing around with more difficult stuff. Which do you think I should get?

(Mitch Ginder) #2

Zack Yourd pro model. My roomate has it, its a rad ken.


thank you! Is it still sticky enough to learn those types of tricks on, though?


KendamaUSA Promodels will probably one of the most stickiest kendamas you will find, the paint on the ball nearly feels like rubber, but I believe latex is a better description. It will do well for you to learn tricks on but remember that you should actually buy a non-sticky kendama sooner or later. This is because if you keep using sticky kendamas, you will never truly master a trick; it is when you can preform the trick on… let’s say an Oozora, that is when you can say you have mastered a trick. So you have an Atack, that kendama is already a tacky kendama (meaning it should be sticky enough to make learning balance tricks easier) so I would say you don’t really need a KenUSA Promodel. What you should get is the Matte Marble, this is because the kendama isn’t too sticky at all, but it has a bit of grip so you can’t call it slippery. With this kendama your skill should improve, and thus this is what I recommend you do as you learn a new trick is preform the trick on your Atack and thus when you get it down on that switch over to the Matte Marble and keep at it until you can get it down on the Matte Marble, then you will know it isn’t just the tackiness of the kendama that has allowed you to do that trick but your own skill. Using a sticky kendama is like having training wheels, you are going to have to take them off at some point in order to truly learn how to ride a bike. So get a non-sticky kendama sooner or later so you can truly learn how to kendama.

However if you believe you are not ready yet for a non-sticky kendama then go ahead and get a KenUSA Promodel, I am just trying to ween you off sticky kendamas a little bit, in order to improve your skill a bit, but you don’t have to switch right now if you don’t want to. But be aware if you do get the Matte Marble, learning might be a little bit frustrating, however if you stick to it, it will sharpen your skill like iron. And preforming tricks on other less sticky kendamas will be easier

Anyhow good luck with your choice, I’m sure whichever one you choose it will be fun for you. If you have any questions please ask and I will answer to the best of my knowledge. Keep dama’ing. :wink:


thank you so much! I’m definitely getting a Matte Marble, hopefully soon, too. They look so awesome and I love Sweets. Also, I think I should have a slipperier Kendama around so I can get tricks down pat, without too much aid from the tack. Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


Your welcome, it is what I am here for. :wink: