Which one?


I want to get a kendama and I have never tried one, so I am definitely a beginner. :slight_smile: I am deciding between the Sweets ATack or the pro model. Suggestions?


Probably the Atack because it’s extra sticky…


Well as a beginner I don’t believe you have to worry too much about stickiness since more than likely you are not going to be practicing balance tricks quite yet. At this point in time you can pretty much get anything you think looks cool really, but I agree with Noonar an Atack is a great kendama for beginners, although it is not as sticky as a Pro Model, which is sticky right out of the box, it gets stickier the more you play with it. This is good because as you work your self up from being a beginner the tama (ball) well get stickier so by the time you are going to learn balance tricks like light houses and such, your kendama will make it easier to get the trick down. Still along the way you may want to purchase a kendama that is not sticky, such as an Ozora because you can’t really ever “master” a trick on a sticky kendama, you have to perform it on a non-sticky kendama that way you and others will know that it is your skill and not just the kendama your using that allowed you to perform the trick. Think of it as riding a bike, you can’t really say you know how to ride a bike if you are still using training wheels all the way, although it is good to practice with them, at some point you are going to have to take them off and really learn how to ride a bike. This is the same with kendama, doing the trick on a sticky kendama is like riding a bike with training wheels, which is good to practice on, but sooner or later you want to take those training wheels off (or in this case get a non sticky kendama) and perform the trick on a non sticky kendama to show your true skill. Anyways this got too wordy, I’m sorry, but an Atack is a great place to start. Good luck on your choice and keep dama’ing. :wink:


I ordered a blue atack tonight. Thanks for the suggestions. :slight_smile:


Let us know what you think about it when it arrives. :slight_smile: