Tribute Super stick or sweets aTak ... Which should I get?


My girlfriend is buying me a Kendama and I can either get the Kendama USA super stick or the sweets Kendama atack or whatever it’s called. I already own a 2012 pro model kendamUSA and 2013 pro model just wanted something that’s super super sticky but also durable.


I prefer the sweets because of the way the ken is strung on a diagonal.


Does that make lighthouse and lunars easier? Cause I can do them on the tribute but barely because sometimes when I pull up it doesn’t seem balanced, are sunrise kendamas any good? They have those too and a few other kind, I’m almost there that’s the same place that I got my tribute pro model 2013 I have a 2012 pro model but its super slippery and heavy but I practice slickes and cups sometimes I can land lighthouse on it but barely haha I’m still new to Kendama but I’ve been practicing alot since its summer and won’t have to go back to college till fall: haven’t been throwing much cause I have the Kendama fever


yes, it being strung that way helps with lighthouses and such. i love my white atack =]


if the atack is the sweets one that is somewhere around twenty dollars than I strongly recommend choosing it because it is super sticky and plays amazingly. When you first get it you might not be 100 percent satisfied but as you play more and more the tama gets stickier and the hole opens up slightly which makes it easy to land spikes and airplanes all the time.


I ended up with a Atack but I’m pretty stoked the super stick was way to sticky for my liking


I’m glad you went aTack! Tribute kens aren’t the best IMO. Their string hole comes out perpendicular to the ground which makes any pull trick (lighthouse, lunar, one turns, stilts) really difficult to keep from wobbling. Check out their new fades too!