Kendama Choice

New rare kendamas coming my way! (swirly ambrosia maple!) made by my uncle…

review, pics, and vid later…

pm if you are interested I guess…

So what kendama are you using today?

I’m using the kendamaUSA Beginner model (blue)

Don’t have one but I may get a sweets kendama

I have a tribute that I despise and a marble matte sweets that I adore. Also ozoras are wonderful and aTacks from sweets are super easy to learn things like Lamar’s and lighthouses on. That Dama is so stickie!!!

Don’t mean to thread jack, but you recommend a Sweets aTack over a Tribute then? I’ve been arguing with myself on which of those two I should get (trying to learn lighthouses).

Go aTack 1000%! Not only will the sticky ball help land tricks like that, but the way the ken is strung on sweets allows the ken sit vertically when holding the dama. Where as on the tribute it is slightly angled. I’ll post a picture in a minute.

This is the Sweets Marble Matte, As you can see the arrow that starts on the path of string and then follows down the Ken.

here is the Tribute. Notice how the arrow follows the line of the string and then cuts through the middle of the Ken. IMO making things like lighthouses and lunars and things like that more difficult. Also the paint on the dama makes a world of a difference as well.

100% Sweets.
I really dislike my tribute. Some people love them though…

I am a kendama newbie, and I can land some big tricks on my Sweets Matte Marble. 1 Turn Lighthouses, Lunars, Bird Over Valley, etc… I can barely stomp a basic pull up lighthouse on my Tribute.

(I am really excited to see those pics S3V3RI7Y… Swirly ambrosia maple sounds super delicious… lol)

Alright. Sweets aTack it is. Thanks guys! :smiley:

Pics soon…