My stupid dog ate my 5 day old usa ken tribute. So i am going to get a new one.Should I get a sweets atack or a matten marble


My dog more like mangled it

(G2 Jake) #3

It looks like a ball to your dog, so I would expect him to go after it.

I like he way the marble ones look!


So do i


I like the marble but the atack is supost to be good


The Marbles are beautiful, but for my first kendama I went with the aTack, and I couldn’t be happier. I figured my first one would get beat up pretty badly, pretty quickly. I was right. After a month, my tama has the texture of an orange from being struck with the point of the spike. I did 't want to pay extra for a Marble when I knew that would happen to it. For the record, even though the entire surface of the tama is covered with spike divots, there is still not a single chip in the paint. You can’t go wrong with an aTack.


Ok i think ill go with a atack


You should get a sunrise or a oozora best kendamas out right now


i respectfully, disagree. the sunrises are just not durable. after several minutes of play w/ one, chucks were comin’ out of the tama. the oozoras however - solid :slight_smile:




I heard that the Matte marbles are not a tacky as advertised. I love my Atack Rasta Fade. Just beatiful, but I hear Ozoras are better. I got my dad an Ozora.


Huh, can’t say I had heard this before now. From the adjective “Matte” one would assume they aren’t intended to be tacky period. Just read the YYE description, kind of confused… I had assumed quite the opposite, the Matte be a less tacky finish than the original glossy finish… Anywho, I like it, although it is quite slippery.

I would advise an aTack. I’ve enjoyed my Matte Marble, but now that I’ve tried others, I would certainly recommend a different one for starting out. The matte would be wonderful if you’re looking to always consistently land tricks regardless of the kendama. Natty and glossy finishes are so easy to land stuff compared to the marble.