First time Kendama player

I’m about to purchase a Kendama but I’ve never used one.
I’ve seen some other posts like these on this board so I apologize for this BUT has anyone had any experience with the Kendama USA Tribute - Super Stick Silk edition?
The paint seems to have a more matte finish and it claims to “stick” better than the standard gloss finished Tribute.
Seeing as how I’m a total noob in the world of Kendama, should I just get the Silk edition and hope for the best or am I putting WAY too much thought into this and I’d be better off getting what ever I think looks cool?

Thanks for any input in advance guys.

Since it’s your first time with Kendamas, get what you think looks cool.
Eventually you’d be inclined to try everything - much like myself.

Ive only tried my sweets aTack so I can’t comment on the usa tribute, but I would say just get what you think looks cool while not spending over your budget. You might hate it, but you’ll probably love it…

Good luck!

After playing the Sweets Atack and Kendama USA Pro Spirit, the Pro Spirit has more tacky paint on the ball/tama. It also fits perfectly flush into the cups unlike the Sweets I have. YMMV.

For a first kendama, get whatever you want, try to keep it under $20. However, if you want to spend more, it’s OK, the ones sold here are quality.

I prefer bare wood ones. Right amount of friction/stick. On top of that, I like the look.

I have found that the current “super stick” ones, at least the Tributes, the sticky/tacky tends to wear down after a couple of months. That’s probably OK, because it’s those first few weeks of play that are critical anyways.

I’ve heard and read that the new Pro Series rubber style paint actually gets tackier as you play it. I guess it’s different from the super stick ones which have disappeared from the site here.