Tribute Kendama For Beginner? + String Questions

How are Tribute Kendamas for starting out? Are the translucent paint ones any more/less tacky? Is there any benefit (other than looks) to a stripe?

Also, how often do you have to change strings? Should I buy extras?

Stripes are nice, especially for outside observers as it makes it more obvious what the tama is doing. I have a tribute and i like it, but i also don’t play much. I believe they come with an extra string and bead and personally i’ve never had to change a string but again i don’t put much work on it.

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Never tried a Tribute, but I’m sure they would do fine. Stripes tend to be really helpful for tracking the tama movement. Just having a solid color makes it a whole lot harder to tell how it’s spinning and where the hole is. Strings last pretty, pretty long, so I’d say you’re probably good for a while. I don’t know about the translucent paint and tackiness question though…

Nothing wrong with the Kendama USA products. While not JKA Approved, I feel JKA approval is not really necessary for the US Market. I will admit that I have JKA approved models(not Kendama USA gear) and I feel they play a bit better. Still, the Kendama USA gear is great.

I prefer bare wood. I feel it offers the right amount of friction. I find the regular painted ones are too slick and the tama slips out of the cups on the ken. The sticky/tacky ones don’t stay tacky/sticky long enough. The painted lines don’t help much at first while you’re just getting the hang of it. After a while, the lines(or thick line) really does help.

My advice: Don’t go nuts for your first kendama. Pick a color/stain you like and go for it.

Kendama USA kendamas come with an extra string, bead and I think stickers, so you’re good to go.

My first kendama was a yomega wood and it’s not a bad starter but the tribute is much better.

I personally have a 5 hole bamboo and I like it because I feel like I have an advantage over the game with more holes to choose from lol.

But to answer your question yes kendama USA gear is great I cannot speak on the paint as I don’t have one of theirs that’s painted, but you’ll find your preference (I prefer a tacky from sweets or a klack for painted tamas over a few others I’ve tried.) if you like the tribute but It! I like the tribute because the cups are physically attached to the ken with brass rivet halves and the string goes all the way through the ken and no learning curve restringing when that time comes.

The line helps me with trying to keep the tama steady and straight as I’m playing unless I need to go from cup to spike then it’s a great visual reference for that as well.
Hope this helps and cheers on getting a kendama you’ll love.

Get an Oozora. Cheaper and better than a tribute…

I’ve never found an Oozora for cheaper than a Tribute. If you can direct the OP to one of those, please do so. I completely agree with it being better.

I have an Oozora, so I don’t need another at the moment.

I’ve seen them as low as $20 new. Of course, the store was out of stock. No doubt they sell quickly at that price.

I won a Roots kendama at a contest. The paint is perfectly tacky and exceedingly durable. If you can pick one up, I highly recommend it. By far my favorite of all I’ve tried. They go for about $20.

Yeah, I won a $10 certificate to a store at the same contest (pretty sure). All they declare Tributes and I ended up buying one.