New to Kendama, need some simple questions answered


Okay, just tried a friends Kendama and want one know!

I’m going to get a Kendama USA Tribute.

Does it mater if I get a Trans tama, stripe tama, or solid tama?

Anything I need to know about the string? Should it be replaced or what?

Anything els important?


I’ve got the translucent one, and I can vouch for it. The paint is beautiful, and hasn’t chipped on me yet. (and I’m still noob enough to be hard on it.) I like my Tribute well enough that I’ll probably get a solid and/or a stripe eventually. None of my kendamas go through strings near as fast as yoyos do, but it wouldn’t hurt to pick-up a couple of spares. The Tributes do come with a spare string, but mine for some strange reason came sealed from the factory, strung left-handed. I tried to cut off the knot and re-tie it, but the string ended up too short, so on went the spare string it came with.


Any difference in the colored tamas?

(Jace) #4

the paint should all be about the same. the stripes just give you reference on how the tama is oriented.