Looking to get a kendama but I'm not sure what to get...

I’m on vacation and I’m near a store that sells kendama USA kendamas. Which one should I get? I’m not sure cuz I’m new and I want to get into it. Can anyone help?

Grab a Tribute in the color of your choice and have fun. ;D

Even premium kendamas aren’t all that expensive. Get the first one you see that doesn’t look like a complete piece of garbage (Tribute seems like a fine recommendation!) and have at’er. Once you decide you like kendama, you can broaden your collection with more variety (tackier tamas, fancy woods, whatever).

If budget isn’t a concern, I’d be tempted to go for a Sweets aTack or a Tribute superstick myself. :wink: I can use all the “tacky tama” crutch I can get. But at the same time I can’t see myself getting the aTack Complete at this point.

Go for an ozora
Theyre cheap and the most balanced kens our there

Learing on a non-sticky ken will help alot in the future