Whats the best kendama under $30

Im looking to get my second kendama right now i own a tribute and i think its a little small. What is a larger ken that Is really tacky and is easy to spike under $30? Reply’s are appreciated(:

I personally prefer Ozora or Sunrise.  Both of them have  great feel and a nice durable paint that isn’t too slippery.

If you are looking for something tacky though I would go with a Sweets aTack - The more you break those in the better they get!

The aTack Complete is a little more expensive but you get the aTack coating on the ken as well which is really cool and gives a little extra “stick”

Unfortunately if you are looking for a “larger” ken then you will have to pay more for something like a Sweets Biggie ($55-65) or KendamaUSA Jumbo($59.99.)  The larger kendamas are great for practicing and getting balance tricks down but the majority of people play with a standard size kendama (And they’re much more affordable.)

Roots Kendama Walnut Glazed sounds like it fits all of your criteria.
I have one and it really jams.

Very very sticky, large ken size (larger and fuller than my tribute) great ken shape and has a sweet sound

I paid 35 for it but they are on sale at roots for $25 right now