First kendama

I don’t know if there is a good beginner kendama I can get or if I should just get one I think looks cool

Just get one that you think is cool. They pretty much all do the same thing anyway.

i would recommend goin’ w/ a ‘tacky’ kendama, initially. it’ll help your learnin’ curve, imho.

any of the sourmash damas are tacky. this one also looks good:

and lastly, pls. search the forum. there are many good recommendations out there for someone just starting.

remember…continue damanatin’!



I’m no expert but one with a stripe around the tama helps.

I would HIGHLY reccomend a Sweets aTack. Tacky straight out of the box, but once you start to break it in, it becomes almost rubberized. It’s a magnificent beginner Dama. Sweets is a great brand, too. You almost CAN’T chip it. Dent, sure. Chip, no. Have fun! :slight_smile: