KendamaUSA Pro Models


So I’m picking up a Kendama and I’m having trouble deciding which one to pick up. I’m probably gonna score an Ozora on BST but I’m also gonna be buying another on YoYoExpert along with lateral caps and a blue YYR Diffusion. So far I can’t decide between the KendamaUSA Pro Models and the Sweets Kendama Chameleon. I’m leaning towards the Pro Models (Ill be getting a Yellow one) but I just wanna know which one is tackier, more durable, or if there’s a better option instead of those 2.


The pro model is more grippy than the chameleon but if you want even more tackiness go for the sweets atack and another good choice is the sweets matte marble but it isn’t as tacky as the atack


So the A-Tack is the stickiest on YYE?


I think I’ve heard that the KenUSA Super Stick is tackier/stickier than the aTack.
I haven’t heard much about the Chameleon, but I have heard that the Pro Models have a very grippy, rubbery almost feel to the Tama. If you’re looking for the tackier of the two, I think go with the Pro Model. Of course, everybody loves Ozoras… :wink:


Well there aren’t any on YYE. I will be getting one though.


The stickiest kendamas are the KenUSA Promodels, at least out of all the ones I have tried. This is because of the paint, it is like latex almost. However the Chameleon is more durable than the Promodel, this is because of the paint; it has an Aisuru Finish. This finish is one of the most durable finishes on a kendama. You could drop the kendama down 40ft of stairs and the worse will be a couple of dents, no chips. Personally if you are not a beginner or just want more of a challenge I would go with the Chameleon because it will last you a long while, and it is very beautiful in person, a real eye candy and really good performance. However if you want something stickier and average durability then go with the Promodel, either one will do the job just fine. Good luck on your choice. :wink: