Want to get into Kendama


Hi, I’m a Yoyoer and I want to get into Kendama. Any recommendations in kendamas, advice and where to learn etc. Thanks in advance.


I only got my first one yesterday, so I’m in the same boat as you. But, from what I’ve read, the kendama you start with isn’t too important, as it’s mostly to get the basics (sound like any other popular skill toy we know around here?) and after that I have no idea. I’ve heard nothing but praise about the TK16 and it’s durability, so that’s probably what I’m going for next. As for learning; I have no idea. I’m mostly just messing around after watching this video once. Should probably watch more :stuck_out_tongue:

From one newbie to another, best of luck!


Thanks man. I’ll look into the TK16


I started out with an Ozora. It’s kind of the classic kendama it’s always seemed to me, and you can never go wrong from where the original.

As for tutorials, check out Sweets Kendamas’ YouTube channel. They have some pretty good ones.


I started with a neon yellow Kendama usa and it was good start til I got to the light house
It wasnt tacky at all and slid off like krazy. Of course I just started but I noticed it wasn’t normal. I recommend buying anyone you feel like trying or in your budget range.
I ended up buying 3 pro sweets kendamas they are so awesome and tacky enough for them type of tricks ;D