Kendama anyone?


Hey all, my mom went to kauai and brought me back a kendama. Its a japanese skill toy. It has a wooden cross, with cups on the end, and a ball on a string.

Been playing with it for a few days, it is a lot harder than it looks.

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Me, I have a sweets kendama they are the best and i can do some tricks like spike lighthouse


Yomega makes a Kendama Pro. Not bad for the money. Thinking about getting a “better” one in the futre.

Fun, different and affordable. If my connection wasn’t so bad right now, I’d be watching that video.


My school was filled with Kendama noobs all of a sudden this year. I stick to yo-yo personally.


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Just ordered a Pro Series Kendama from Kendama USA, should be here tomorrow. Im excited


Just got my Kendama, the Alex Smith Pro Series one. It is tons of fun! I also got tons of stickers and 11 spare strings