what is KENDAMA!!

ive seen these here and there in the skill toy community and now im interested what is Kendama?? and is it fun?

Kendama is basically a ball with a hole in it attached with string to a wooden handle with some cups attached (check out the YYE kendamas section for pics). The idea is to maneuver the ball around and land or bounce it off the various cups or spike. You can even use the string to do some 5A-esque tricks.

Doesn’t look like my cup of tea but I might pick one up down the track if I get curious enough. It certainly seems to be picking up quite a bit of popularity, especially amongst the yoyoing crowd.



Ball & Cup 2.0

Just kidding. But it takes the concept to another level.

You attempt to land the ball on various surfaces. There are 3 cups and a spike(where the large hole in the ball can land on), as well as tricks that land on different parts of the handle/ken portion. Tricks can be done holding the ball or the ken, or even by using the string as well. Tricks can involve landing the ken on the ball as well as the ball on the ken. Lots of possibilities.

It also is very affordable.

is it fun?

Depends on wether you think it is or not. We’re not going to tell you what to like.

If you like it, then yes.

If you don’t like it, then no.

That’s kind of how it works with skill toys in general.

Is it fun? Yes…

But it takes way more patience than yoyoing. I like to say throwing is instant gratification and that kendama is delayed gratification. It can take soo long to master certain moves, and even then you may not hit them consistently

Look it up on youtube. I did. A few seconds into the video I thought, “I’m getting one of these.” I did. It’s pretty fun.

its fun but more limited than yoyoing