Just Ordered My First Kendama

That KendamaUSA video posted on the YYE blog totally blew my mind. I have been researching kendama now for a few days and decided to order my first! It seems like a fun skill based hobby to dabble in when Im bored with my yoyos.

I ordered a custom Sweets setup:
SeaFoam Chameleon Tama.
Golden Oak Stained Ken.
Green String.

Here is a Photoshop render I put together of what its gonna look like.

I have never used a kendama before, so if any of you have advice for total newbie it would be greatly appreciated.

I am stoked. 8)


$39.99 for a stock standard size chameleon.
$9.99 for stained kens.

I just ordered my first one as well.

Though since I’ve only used a Kendama for like 10 minutes in my entire life, I decided to not drop as many bones as you did. Picked up a $21 Tribute from Kendama USA. So excited :smiley:

Nice nice… Kendama is so addicting. You will have a small collection of them before you know it… Whether you want one or not :-.

At least they’re cheaper than CLYWs ;D

Thats the truth… At least for the most part.

An OG Mugen Kendama MIB is worth roughly $400
A company called Terra Kendamas makes exotic hardwood masterpieces for around $300
Grip Kendamas range from $70 - $130 I believe.

No matter what your hobby is, there will always be expensive versions.

Wow I guess so haha.

I’d love to get a hardwood one. I’ve never really cared for beech.

This is a Rosewood Terra… Possibly one of the most gorgeous kendamas in existence.

That is beautiful. But that tama is all wrong. Needs to be a nice natural Rosewood to match.

Or solid black 8)