What kendama to buy?

Hey guys I had a kendama a while back and had fun with it but it was such a crap kendama I ended up getting bored with it and threw it away. :joy:. So I want to get a good one now and get back into it. I’ve been looking around and I like sweets f3 models and I really like the homegrown models but they are so expensive and I don’t know that I wand to spend that much on my fist good kendama. I like kendama USA pro model “make waves” and I’ve also been eyeing the classic tk16. Any help deciding or recommending a different model is appreciated ;). I also have a bunch of yoyos I would trade for a kendama just hit me up with a pm and I’ll let you know what I got. Thanks :grin::poop::+1::unicorn::snail::camel:

Does anyone know of stores that sell kendamas?

This one:

Haha lol. I guess I should have been more specific but I meant like not online stores.

I found that kitty hawk kites sells kendama USA tribute kendamas. It’s just the regular red tribute. Is this a good one?

You can buy some cheap ones at target

Thanks, but they only have Duncan ones the last time I checked and they are absolutely horrible! lol thanks tho

Sweets homegrown all day man. I got rid of my others as they just cant compare.

Cool! Yeah I got to thinking and I thought why am I willing to spend 90$ on a yoyo that is being pumped out of a cnc machine in China but not 65$ on a real wood kendama that is being carefully handmade right here in the USA? so with that in mind, what is the difference between the original homegrown and the next gen homegrown. Btw I decided on the maple with walnut stripe version now I just need to choose between the v1 and v2. :thinking: thanks! :blush:

Think of them like vanilla, and vanilla bean. One is just slightly more refined in flavor while both being winners. Ive not tried a v2, but if i were to buy another one I would prolly stick with v1 cause i know how good it is. My setup after a bit of experimenting was a heavy purple heart stripe and matching weight hickory ken, silk string and dama mods’ bearing spinner. s-l-a-y-s. Doubt ill need a new one in the next decade or so haha

Sweet!(pun intended😁) I found a cheap one at kitty hawk kites that is actually pretty good. I just figured I could learn on this one and beat it up and not really care plus I wanted one now lol. But I am going to order a homegrown one soon, probably gonna just get the original homegrown maple with a walnut stripe. Thanks for your help dust!

sweets HG or slaydawg