looking for a used kendama

im looking to get into kendama and am not wanting to shell out full price until I know its something I will like, if you one that’s in okay shape hit me up thanks, and feel free to give suggestions being as I know nothing about this toy


Any preference in color?

I bought a Yomega plastic Kendama to try it out. At only $10 it was worth it.

any color is fine, Im just wanting to find one fairly cheap to see if I enjoy it. im not picky I like all colors

Ive got a blue kendama usa tribute for you

how much you wanting for it? pm a price and more info

I have a Sweets Focus Kendama. Atack tama, with the focus Ken. It can be yours for $10 shipped. I barely used it! Shoot me a pm if you want it :slight_smile:

bumpO! anyone have one