Anyone still here?

I was looking through this site, and found this. I was wondering if it is still active. I like kendama, and I think this would be a good outlet.


Yup, it’s active. I want to try kendama someday.


What kendama are you thinking about getting, or do you not know?

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A Bahama Kendama. The one I want is made out of bamboo.

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Have you ever tried kendama before?

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No I have not.

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Do you live in he U.S?

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Yes I do. I’m in the South.

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You can actually get really nice ones at Target for only $15! I have one of them myself, and they play great. If you want to get one, make sure it is in a white box. If it is in cheap plastic packaging, it is a really bad one. They are still being stocked, so you might want to check multiple stores.


Okay, thanks.

I have a couple of Kendamas, but I’m still exploring the very beginnings of hopping the ball around to the different cups.

Kendama USA and SWEETS and Grain Theory are the brands we have mainly stocked here since they are all about building the Kendama community, etc. And kendama definitely goes hand in hand really well with yo-yo. I always think its great to have something else to ‘work on’ when you get stuck on something in yo-yo - helps get the mind rebooted a little bit - Kendama is awesome for this.

The GT-E1 are really something else!

Also - this video just dropped on Kendama USA’s channel - its a look and story showcasing some of the people that really kickstarted the revolution of Kendama in the USA - love the vibes: