YoYoExpert Cyber Monday 2018 deals!


BIG DISCOUNTS on select products! Sale runs through Thursday!


Lots of Kendamas (Kendama pl?) on sale! I know nothing. Any advice on a good one from the sale items?


Can’t go wrong with sweets!

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If you’re new to kendamas then any of the sale kendamas from Sweets and Kendama USA will be fine to learn on. I would personally go with the Sweets Focus Stained. Natural wood will be a little less slick than painted initially and breaks in nice.


Here’s a list you can browse through for anyone not in a link clicking mood. :grin:


YoYoBrothers Heirloom:

Turning Point Anubis:

C3yoyodesign Berserker RX:

Turning Point Leviathan 5:

Turning Point MaxBet:

Turning Point Basilisk Light:

C3yoyodesign P-Wave:

Axis EX:

sOMEThING Superfly Remix:

JapanTech FiReal:

YoYoJoker Double Joker LF:

Basecamp Navigator:

Rebellion Start The Riot:

Rebellion Invaders Must Die:

C3yoyodesign Mega Crash:

SoSerious Hermes:

X Cube Teh Yo:

Turning Point Shake:

Yicheng Luo L5:

Axis Newport:

Tsubasa Onishi Bulk:

X Cube La Goutte:

Rebellion Dread:


One Drop 2016 V-Shape Benchmark:

Rebellion Qilin:

Rebellion Acro:

Rebellion Butcher:

YoYoFactory G5:



Yoyorecreation Triad:

YoYoJam Phenomizm:


sOMEThING Crazy D:

YoYoFactory Cypher:

YoYoRecreation Aeronaut:

Rebellion Golyat:

Duncan Strix:

YoYoJam Theory:

Fresh Things (sOMEThING) Coca Cola Yo-Yo:

YoYoJam Vexed:

YoYoJam SFX:

YoYoFactory Severe:

YoYoJam Cerberus:

YoYoJam Fiesta Tres:

Yoyorecreation Diffusion:

YoYoFactory Grind Machine:

YoYoFactory Protostar:

Duncan Metal Racer:

YoYoJam Legacy 3:

Duncan Hayabusa:

YoYoFactory Daydream:

YoYoJam Trigger:

YoYoJam Big Ben:

Duncan Flying Panda:

YoYoJam Surge:

Yomega Crossfire:

Adegle Asteroid:


Catchy Mini Metal Kendama:

KendamaUSA Tribute - Solid:

KendamaUSA Tribute - Translucent:

KendamaUSA Tribute - Neon:

Sweets Focus - Stained:

44RPM Flatpack Kendama:

Terra Kendama - The Pill:

That is a giant post :wink:

I see two that I think are particularly interesting and on sale:

Both on the big side but really FUN and different.


The deals!!! It’s so difficult to resist this sale


I would highly recommend the rebellion yoyos that are for sale! They are truly amazing for their price.

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Seems like an awfully sweet deal on the bitanium Heirloom as well!

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Definitely go with stained like @YoYoExpertGarrett suggested

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Thanks for the advice, all! I got the stained, a pill, a Protostar, and a metal mini kendama! I know the mini kendama will not be easy, but I couldn’t resist.

I was so close to getting the 888 GT even though it wasn’t on sale, but I’m a bit yo-yoed out. Not for playing, but for buying new ones. I haven’t gotten bored with the Quail I got yet… The Protostar seems like a good give away yo-yo, and I’ve actually never tried one.

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Good call on the pill also, love them!

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Yeah, The Pill and Kendama should keep you busy for a while. Pill gets into more flip/stall oriented tricks so it’s a very different experience than kendama.

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-1 now :wink:

Edit- all gone now

I’m glad I’m not the only one who couldn’t resist that deal. (I’m sure YYE is glad too.) :wink:


If you are a fan of the Sleipnir feel, you should definitely consider the FiReal. Awesome yo-yo and at this price I have no hesitations recommending it very strongly


Yeah, the FiReal is a great choice. Hermes too, especially at $75. An if someone doesn’t pickup that last La Goutte for $50 i’m going to take it for myself! :laughing:

In fact, I am!

Which is why I have a Sleipnir. That throw really made me a fan of smooth, rounded V shapes.

The FiReal is similar enough that you’d enjoy it but not so much the same that it feels like a copy. It’s a little less rim weighted

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