YOYOS ARE FOR SALE ONLY AND PRICES ARE FIRM ADD 6$ for shipping and only way I do international is if you pay. Although I will trade yoyos for KENDAMA.

Not too interested in yoyoing I’m keeping one or two which aren’t listed so please don’t offer trades unless its something listed below:
bigger or smaller than regular size kendamas
must be new or near new without superglue on the spike.

Also have a zeekio 12 spot case and a YYE 2 compartment case will sell both for 20$ plus shipping cost and I will add 20+ strings and some money buff just not all the tubes only 1

ALSO HAVE ONE DROP 10 ball bearings for 4$ with any purchase I have lots of different bearings including terrapin wing Xcut ceramic and regular with wing cut if you need bearings let me know.

YOYOS- prices firm

Mint with box crime scene summit 100$ SOLD

Super near mint one tiny tiny mark 65gram Inkpot Chief 90$ SOLD

Marks but still smooth Model 10 all blue without engravings 65$SOLD

Some marks bape cascade it’s smooth 35$ w/ extra side effects 40$ SOLD

Clyw comeback avalanche super near mint 80$

Used lunch line but smooth has the dings sanded out great throw 25$ it’s original punch line SOLD

KENDAMAS - for trade or sell

2013 kendamaUSA pro model turner throne tribute 14$ +shipping SOLD
2012 kendamaUSA pro model Alex smith tribute 15 + shipping
Sweets aTack 14+ shipping SOLD

These are all great kendamas!! .

Here’s the picture


I’ll take the Cascade for $35. Still available?


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i know you said you didnt want to trade but would you be willing to take a yomega dash and a blue grind machine and 10 dollars and some yoyo string lab night life string


I want the attack

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