Are these kendama worth it?

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So I am looking to get into Kendama but I can’t find a cheap and affordable option yet.
The question here is:
Are these worth it?

That’s 2$
A single piece of this is 5$

Should I buy them?

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I would recommend saving up to get something decent. If these are your first and only Kendamas you’ll probably just be frustrated with it. Even though there’s very little difference in the shape a good Sweets plays worlds better than these 5$ ones and the 2$ isn’t even an option imo. If you really want to just try Kendama then sure get the 5$ one, just know everything is gonna be a bit harder to land and try not to get frustrated with it. You can also easily mod the tama to have a more flared hole and thus easier to spike. Helps with learnearning the motion and landing spike tricks. Good Luck!

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Grain theory is selling $10 gt e1’s on their site rn, definitely recommend getting one. (They May be 15 I can’t remember)

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That $2 looks janky. I wouldn’t even bother. There are really good playing ones from Sweets for $15 at Target.

Kendama has had a pretty regulated shape - so one should theoretically play like the last or another brand; unless different wood or finishes are applied.

the first one NO the second one maybe