questions on what to buy

so this will be my first kendama, Im looking at the catchy one that glows cause I play in low lit areas sometimes. I was wondering how to they play are they weighted good? cause as I beginner I know it can be hard far as weighting goes pleae help me make my descion im going to purchase today

I would advise strongly agains getting one of those. They’re plastic and I guarentee over time it WILL crack. Plus you want to keep distractions to a minimum with kendama so you can focus, and I’m pretty sure a brigh LED in your face would be a negative thing for someone learning. Go to sweets kendamas website and get a focus; they just came out with it and its $22 making it a great starter :slight_smile:

Oh now I will correct myself :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t see they came out with a glow in the dark plastic lol but still it’s not gonna have good grip because the plastic will slip, so it’s best to go with wood. Wood is good! ;D


I don’t mean to discredit the Catchy lightups, but since it’s all plastic, the amount of actual tricks you could perform with it is very, very little. Why?

  • Slippery (and i mean it!) surface means you can’t do things like lunar, or even lighthouses.
  • Small tama hole in comparison to the spike means that it’s almost impossible to perform something as rudimentary as a pull-up spike.
  • That small tama hole, and it being clear makes it difficult to see the hole as well.
  • Tama is waaaay heavier than the ken, and i believe the two should have similar weight to perform best.

I would reccomend a Sweets Attack or a Kendama USA Tribute for a first. If you’re willing to dish out a few more dollars, maybe a Kendama USA Pro Model

I really enjoy the Tribute Pro-models.

Tacky tama, and the tribute-setup means the ken isn’t going to come apart during long sessions.

all the same, in my limited experience, if it’s wooden, even if the tama is a little slick, if you’re just starting out, a well-made kendama is easy to find from multiple companies…

Krom, Croix, KendamaUSA, Eagle, Terra, etc etc etc

Well I went with a kendama USA I bought it used and its a lil look where the joint is other than that I am having trouble figure out right time to bend my knees for soft landing and my Sarah grip is a little off because its hard to transition, I’ve landed big cup to little cup once, grip is def off any suggestions?

For the knees, it just should come naturally :wink: when you do Sara grip, hold it just like it’s a pen.