Lookee what i got! And kendama maintenance questions.

Lookee what i got my hands on! At a local small toy store they were having a 50% off sale and i went ti see what yoyos they had. Didnt have any good ones, but it was still 50% off and i also had a 33% off coupon, so i bought this kendama pro kendama. Cost me 7$. Was it worth it? Idk… Was it?

Also, ive only tried it like 5 times, and the paint on the ball is already chipping and denting. Is that normal? Also, is the string that’s on it good?

Will this kendama get me far into kendaming?

Yes that happens EASILY

The paint on those are cheap. However they still work well, just the looks get affected.

How far will it take me in kendaming?

at least half a year i would say if you still like the condition

No i mean can it do all the tricks and stuff?

It should, but I would pick up a better quality one if possible. A tribute or ozora will be much better quality, but with a little patience, you can do any trick on that Kendama.

I had a sort of vintage or rare ozora that i got from a thrift shop for 4$, but someone on the forumns offered me 35 dollars for it, and i couldnt say no to that. He never gave me feedback…

Note: I figured Feedback out so, +1! Loving the kendama. It’s a key piece in the collection.

As for the Yomega you got:
Its a cheeper off brand from a low quality factory…
The design is somewhat limited and the paint formula is quite bad.
As for the life expectancy, I personally would only make a few days on that kendama however if your just playing here and their it should be fine.

If I were you I would have spent 2x or 3x as much and gotten a good quality kendama that would last easily 5x longer but its only $7.

Not to be that guy, but as someone who plays kendama more than I sleep, toss the yomega and buy an ozora, theyre only $20 and they’ll last longer than your interest in the game. I have that same yomega and I hate it with a burning firey passion.

Ok thanks! I don’t think it’s a big deal… I’ve only touched it maybe 3 times since I bought it. I don’t really see the fun in kendama compared to yoyos.

I agree with this, and I kinda despise all yomega products for this very reason. But as for taking you very far, it won’t. You’ll be able to do most basic tricks on it, but when you get into balance tricks its gonna be useless because of the bad paint