What did you DING today, 2024?

Just dinged myself
Looks like someone took a bite


The question is which haven’t I? :expressionless:

So you dinged every single yoyo of yours today???
911? I’ve witnessed a serial killer.

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Dinged (Dung?) my new Barracuda when I slipped in fell in the rain :pensive:


Lol… I’m exaggerating however what I have not lost have dings. Luckily they were cheap ones, except for the shutter. That’s the most recent ding.
I only have a few that have not seen the light of day. It’s for their own good. :sweat_smile:

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I didn’t leave a mark (thankfully), but I totally bounced my Rectifier off my side table just moving it back to the case, lmao.

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