The (Un)Official "What Have You Been Dinging Today" Thread!

Hi, my names Raphael, and I’m here to help.

I see a lot of stories talking about how they just dinged there brand new $700 throw, and how about when you ding a yo-yo, you post it in here? This is like the what are you throwing today thread, except with dings!

I’ll start, since I didn’t ding a yoyo today, I will ding my dark magic intentionally to start us off. I walked the dog on concrete.

Now, what did you ding today?


doing follow,string slipped off finger, genesis rolls across very long cement driveway and its getting ssatined now

I got 2 patches of prinpricks on my Rainbow from doing 5A aerials. I messed up and it rolled onto concrete a few feet away.

I right now never throw on cement. If I’m outside, I’m on the lawn, because I’m too lazy to chase and don’t want to mess anything up if I can avoid it.

But I can’t even throw today, much less ding anything. Major arm pain and problems(injury from before I started this stuff in May) are preventing me from doing this, and if I get a break in the pain, I gotta teething baby to deal with.

May all your dings, dents and scratches be minor!

Aighhht. I was messing around w/ my MVP, and when I croutched down during Eli hops, I missed, and it hit the concrete.

Was yoyoing in a mall with some friends when our yoyos hit each other. Some scratches and one pinprick

I hate when that happens, but the noise is awesome!

I decided to throw my DM2 in the back of a van. I forgot that i had wrapped an extra string unattatched around it days earlier, needless to say it went rolling and bouncing up through the seats:(

well, it’s been a week that I started to work on some more “aerial” 5A tricks, so I’ve been dinging my code one at least once or twice a day since then

other than that, I always got my that I ding intentionally (it looks better as a beater)

I like beater throws


I know that you have not been forgiving to your yoyo’s today

walked the dog with my 3 in 1 no-jive for an old lady. Then walked the dog with my 09’ severe for her husband a few minutes later. Had a loose wind up and dinged my no-jive not long after that. then did a two story aerial and missed the catch because of the sun and my 09’ severe went rolling down the sidewalk. Thats it so far today. :slight_smile:

Dinged the side of my face with my Crucial Half & Half! Does that count?

bump (your yoyo’s) >:D

My DM2 hit the ground twice at the fair today. The response pads wore off and it shot down to the ground when I threw it. Now I need to replace the pads again. :smiley:

Well, sadly, no dings too recently because for the most part I’ve been looping.

But my Gnarwhal has a few white streaks around the edges Gnarwhal has a white ring on each of it’s edges from hitting my (cheesy white mat finish painted) walls over and over and over again. I’ve not really bothered to wipe them off anymore.

My friend was unhappy, he asked me to do off string with my Destiny ( God Tricks )
I did it and dinged it 5 times.

bounced my delicious a few times last night. Heh Still as smooth as ever.

beat up da h311 and NO VIBE AND SMOOTHHH!!!