What did you ding today?

Maybe this could be a topic to celebrate or commiserate your latest ding.

Mine is my Ti-Peak. Only a small ding, but I can feel it:

Annoyingly I wasn’t playing with it when it happened, this was done by it slipping out of my trouser pocket when I went to pick up the post after work. It did make a lovely sound when it met the concrete. This happened to my Life about a week ago too.

The trousers are no longer with us…


i ding my shutter a few weeks back supper disappointed because it was my best yoyo for plam grinds

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Ding on raw titanium?? Impossible! Just polish and buff it out :ok_hand:


Not today, but two days ago:


uh that sucks :frowning_face:

I’m actually not very mad/sad. The yo-yo is still just as smooth and the trick I was trying to hit which caused it was way more satisfying to make me sad at all. If anything this ding makes me think of hitting the trick. What happened is I missed the whip, my hand was too low, and it smacked into the rock concrete very hard. https://www.instagram.com/p/By9O8OzBMNj/?igshid=1fq9wzvul45le


My elbow this morning. Still pays fine, didn’t break ano.


Good attitude to the ding man! It sounds like it made you a better determined thrower.


I dinged my Küntosh. It vibes the slightest bit now. That was a couple of weeks ago. Today I dinged my hand. On a metal plate. While doing some electrical work. Now my pointer finger has a nice little gash.

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I banged the crap out of my inevitable, didn’t leave a mark on it though

The eventual ding:


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Got it today, dinged it today. Such a shame but dings happen.