What?!?!?! Daniel Dietz changing sponsorship??????

Is he with yomega now?

Yea. It’s a business opportunity. He works for them too.

WOW! :o How many times has he changed sponsorship? I will look that up.

I believe that he started with OD, then moved on to his current sponsorship with Yomega. Although he may have been with Yomega before OD too…

This is old news.

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He has been working for them Full-Time for a while now.

Yes, as of January 2013.

Quick fact - Mark Montgomery was with Yomega before One Drop.

…and he was with Duncan before Yomega.

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Really? Huh, you learn something new every day. :slight_smile:

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Wasn’t Mark Montgomery with Buzz-On also?

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Yes, after Duncan and Yomega, but before One Drop ;D lol

Steve Brown was on Team Losi! ;D

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You are a walking yoyo-wiki.

We are so proud of Daniel in what he is accomplishing at Yomega and are even working with him on his new yoyo :slight_smile:


If a yoyo company offered to pay for my college, I’d sign with them too.

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If a yoyo company offered to pay for my hair products, I’d sign with them.


You must use a lot of hair products…

It’s good to see you guys are still on very good terms.

That doesn’t mean he uses a lot. He might just need a can of hairspray every now and then. Maybe Madhouse refused to buy his hairspray?

Shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, straightener, heat protectant, hairspray, dryer, yeah…it adds up > . <