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Is Daniel Dietz sponsored by yomega or one drop??? If he’s with yomega now, what’s gonna happen with his signature?

If by “his signature” you mean the Dietz, they may continue to produce it because it is popular. Or they may just drop it. He is sponsored by Yomega. In fact, I believe he is the Sales manager there as well

Daniel has been with Yomega since January of this year. As far as I know, the Dietz hasn’t been in production since then, but I’m sure one of the OD guys can clear that up.

Okay, when I read the title I thought it was another “What do I need to do to get sponsored?” I hate those posts.

Anyways, Dietz has been with Yomega for a while. They are in the process of making a signature yoyo for him. As for as the Dietz goes, I have heard nothing about it. I imagine, because of its popularity, it will be continued. Have no idea though :-.

Daniel left to pursue his career at Yomega on nothing but the best terms with us. We are good friends. In fact, we are helping with machining his new yoyo.

As for the Dietz, most likely we will not produce any more.

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If they do stop making the Dietz, it’ll be the ONE they DROP, ahaha so funny omg.

I got to play Dietz new signature yoyo manufactured by Yomega when I met up with him, Yoshi and Anthony Rojas to demo… Let’s just say his signature yoyo is great, I was really surprised. He said he doesn’t have a name for it yet though.

They might change the name of the Dietz, like the Northstar

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Seems like yomega is giving a lot of young yoyoers awesome careers opportunities lately! Glad to hear that OneDrop is really awesome and working with him to create and awesome new throw.