What color String would look best with a gold yoyo?

Im tied between either blue or red. What do you guys think would look best?


green like 100 dollar bills

the one time ill agree with nolang… green

No pun intended, right? :smiley:

The correct answer is orange or pink. Or green.


Yeah I’d say neon green

Channeling totalartist, go with black!

sure, unless he actually plans on using the yoyo…

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I revise my previous recommendation. kadabrium has the right answer

Yeah purple is a bit hard to see, but dang does it look good with a gold yoyo

I would go with colored string

Maybe he likes a challenge? :wink:

BLUE, Obviously!!!

Hard to see for who and in what conditions? I always see this, and people talk about neon yellow being supreme. But I swear upon everything I hold dear than in real playing conditions where I want to see the string (less concerned about stage visibility), yellow is one of the worst.

Dark colours contrast well with most floors since people tend to have light tiles and carpeting. If you have dark hardwood that’s an exception I guess. Dark contrasts nicely against an overcast sky, too, which I cannot say about neon yellow.

In neon colours, green pink and orange are still generally contrasty enough in those conditions…

But dark colours aren’t “hard to see” in most of my play environments. They’re fine.

Clear is the obvious answer.

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ah purple is a good one too.

I like the white of Dragons with my gold space cowboy, but that also has raw stainless rims.

I’m not sure what other companies make gold strings but I have some yocala golds that look really nice.

Green ::slight_smile: