Why yellow?

So why does everyone always have yellow string are the other colors cursed or something. Should I expect Cthulhu to pop out of my pink or green string ???

Ehhh I find yellow/green/orange string to be more standard colors for polyester. Maybe it’s because it’s cheaper or more common?

It’s all personal taste. Neon yellow just happens to be the most common or something I guess.

Its easier to see, which makes tricks easier to see.


Some string actually feel different varying upon color.

White for life.

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Why should it even matter. I like the yellow.

If the background is black :stuck_out_tongue:

I think neon orange is better for much more backgrounds than neon yellow

Yup, I don’t like how neon green plays

Yes. Sometimes its only sharks lurking in pink and green string, though they can still put a real damper on string trick combos. :slight_smile:

I’m a person that is kind of light OCD so I always try to use colors that show up against light colors. Very few premium strings are dark.

I’m going to get the neon kitty string pack. It has yellow, but i also want the other colors.

John Higby prefers yellow string. That’s enough for me. :slight_smile:

I too prefer yellow or neon orange, my eyes are bad and its easier to see I guess.

okay cool ill be on the look out for a swamp monster just in case, i heard they pop out of green sometimes

I think it mostly comes down to visibility, but yellow also seems to look good with more yoyos than green

Same here, I’ve actually been so low on string I need to take from my string ball.

Ooohh that stinks. Im currently in the middle of a sale (on here) so i will be getting some money. I’m going to get a loop 808, 5$ CTX, and a pack of multicolored kitty.

Im going for the multi colored kitty and maybe an alpha crash

It has to be for visibility and/or personal preference/style.

I like the neon greens and yellows since they are much easier to see in most situations.

Some people like to color-match their string to their yoyos. I don’t. Green or yellow! If I have a white, it’s probably a stock string. If I have a pink or red, it came from a friend.