what clyw is right for me?


so its officially time, im getting my first clyw!.. the problem is i dont know which one i like better so i need your help! i perfer fast but not too fast, really long sleep times and i dont really care about weight or floatyness please help me out if any more questions about my personal preferance ask below thanks in advance - Dylan

(M.DeV1) #2

Any specific size you like?

Can’t go wrong with an Avalanche.


Nope dont care and yea i heard they are great


1 summit
2 bear vs man 2
3 chief

(M.DeV1) #5

Probably the easiest to score right now are Avalanches, Chiefs, and Summits.


How are the arctic circles and puffins the ones that i like so far is the avalanche , bvm2 puffin and arctic circle


What CLYW is LEFT for you?


And there are still a lot of Cliffs left too! If you’re in to large throws, the Cliff is great!


they are restocking soon


yea they seem good im not too crazy about them


I’d say summit or chief.i haven’t tried the chief, but most people love it like crazy! The summit comes with my favorite pads, and a ten ball bearing. It has a really nice shape. I say, look at the shapes of the chief and summit. And buy which one you prefer. the summit does have side effects, so you can change the weight, which changes the play.


LOL I was trying to twist his question by using the opposite of right, which is left.


i was thinking about the summit but i want a hardcore clyw


At this point just wait and get a Yeti. It will give you an inexpensive introduction to the brand and if you, for some reason, don’t click with CLYW you will have only been out around $40.


i mean i was thinking that , i have tried the avalanche so i figured ill just jump right it i get where your coming from


Chief maybe? Haha

Oh, and dont think since its a clyw, its gonna be amazing. Like I didn’t like the avalanche or the fg Ava.


If you are looking to just jump right in you can’t go wrong with a Chief. So damn fun.





  1. Chief
  2. Arctic circle
  3. Summit
  4. Uh… Kendama…